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1839 -- 1899. English Impressionist landscape painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
41543 After the Ball Ramon Casas i Carbo After the Ball mk164 1895 Museu de Montserrat
58302 portrait of Julia Peraire Ramon Casas i Carbo portrait of Julia Peraire La Sargantaine, c. 1907, portrait of Julia Peraire
58298 Self portrait as a flamenco dancer Ramon Casas i Carbo Self portrait as a flamenco dancer Self-portrait as a flamenco dancer, 1883
58300 The Charge or Barcelona 1902 Ramon Casas i Carbo The Charge or Barcelona 1902 The Charge or Barcelona 1902

Ramon Casas i Carbo
1866-1932,was a Catalan artist. Living through a turbulent time in the history of his native Barcelona, he was known as a portraitist, sketching and painting the intellectual, economic, and political elite of Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, and beyond; he was also known for his paintings of crowd scenes ranging from the audience at a bullfight to the assembly for an execution to rioters in the Barcelona streets.
Alfred Sisley
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